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Why a blog? In my work as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator, I am often asked: “Can we share ideas on how to be persons of principle and love, and not persons of division and distrust?”  I have found that most of us are dismayed at the sulfurous fumes of anger, violence, and calumny, that engulf us so completely.  It seems that every institution, be it government, religion, business, and more, is disabled by this condition, weakened in the mission of spreading peace and justice so that all people can flourish.  I have also found that people say things like, “It was never like this years ago.  What has happened to us?”

And I ask the same questions of myself.  None of us can take a detour in spiritual growth blaming it on the distractions of the present milieu.  

So, when several friends and associates asked me to consider a blog that might help us see a clearing in which God can get through in spite of divisions, I thought I’d give it a try.  Thus, this blog.  

I hope to provide reflections, and include thoughts and guidance from thinkers who can assist us.  I’ll suggest books, art, and contemporary writings on subjects that are impacting the direction of love that many are practicing and might go unnoticed by larger audiences.

I welcome your help.  This should be interactive.  But I am no techie.  My friend, Sister Erin Zubal, OSU, is as good as one can get in managing technology and she will be my assistant in this. With her help, I will post every Monday hoping to provide your spiritual jolt for the week.  

As a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati, charity is my second skin, but I have to apply a bit of spiritual nourishment now and then to keep it healthy.  Please join me.  Thank you!

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Mary Ann Flannery is a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati who has held teaching and administrative positions at several colleges. Before her community (Vincentian Sisters of Charity) merged with the Sisters of Charity, she served as community president and in other leadership roles. She has been a freelance journalist, the director of a Jesuit retreat house, and active in social justice issues for more than 30 years. She continues to offer retreats and spiritual direction.

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