The Week of Entrances

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Flannery, SC Holy Week is here for Christians, and Passover begins on Wednesday. Ramadan had begun last March 22. Having been in the Holy Land last September, I can only imagine the teems of people going to the holy sites of their faiths. I took the picture above at the entrance... Continue Reading →

What Does the Story of Lazarus Really Mean?

We are traveling two miles east of Jerusalem with Jesus and his disciples.  They are hot and fatigued.  They have just been run out of the Temple surroundings and are breathlessly aware that the collusion between the Jewish priestly hierarchy and the Roman leaders is closing in on Jesus.  They are nervous and worried.  As they wonder where to... Continue Reading →

“I Was Blind, and Now I See…”

Photo Credit: Church of Jesus Christ and Josh Weidmann The Gospel in next Sunday’s Catholic liturgy is the story of the man born blind whom Jesus cures. (John 9:1-41) I hope your celebrant reads the longer version of this story (indicated above), because it contains a few nuances that help us understand this powerful Lenten... Continue Reading →

Vital Dust and Lenten Ashes

Photo Credit: On Ash Wednesday Christians lined up in prayer spaces and churches throughout the world to receive the administration of ashes.  In the U.S. ashes are customarily the burned left-over palms from last year’s Palm Sunday.  They are placed in a little container from which a minister dips his or her thumb and then places... Continue Reading →

More About Miracles

Last week’s blog on miracles just felt so incomplete to me because it lacked sufficient explanation.  Now that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?  Miracles defy explanation!  But I want to touch on a little of the discussion of miracles from a perspective of Church teaching.  So, brace yourselves, you may not agree with this but that is totally ok. Many... Continue Reading →

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