Does Misery Really Love Company? 

Photo Credit: Did you know there is a National Pain Week?  I heard it took place last week but according to other sources it was September 7 through 11 and opened with panache in Las Vegas with a large convention of medical professionals.  For me, personally, it was last week! I celebrated pain week with abundance... Continue Reading →

The Blessings of the High Holy Days

Photo credit: This week, our Jewish brothers and sisters will be commemorating and celebrating the meaningful days of faith in Rosh Hashanah, September 6-7 and Yom Kippur, September 15-16.  At sunset on September 6, the shofar, or ram’s horn, will summon the faithful to their synagogues for prayer to begin the religious new year prayer... Continue Reading →

Finding Lily: A Gift During Covid

Photo Credit: Sisters of Charity                A puppy is a puppy is a puppy.                He’s probably in a basket with a bunch                      of other puppies.                Then he’s a little older and he’s nothing                      but a bundle of longing.                 He doesn’t even understand it.                  Then someone picks him up and says,                         “I want this one.”                                                             (Mary Oliver)... Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Can’t Do Anything

Photo credit: This past week has challenged our souls with the desire to help others immediately and generously. By ‘others’ I mean Haitians, the citizens of a nation so poor it has been called “the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.” Haitians are eating dried grass and drinking dirty run off water. They are,... Continue Reading →

Grace, Kindness and What Olympians Can Teach Us

I’m guessing you are as distressed as I am these days with the behavior of our fellow-citizens refusing to abide by CDC guidelines putting at risk all others around them, especially children.  The resultant violent reactions are also frightening and sometimes life threatening.  One can hardly turn on the news without being assaulted by the fighting, cursing,... Continue Reading →

Looking for God in Your Laptop?

I’m sure you are like me and wonder about the connection between our need for technology and our obsession with it. I’m part of the generation who opted to live in the library during my college years and even in my teaching years as well. All the answers were there and it took all day... Continue Reading →

Have You Been Missing Joy?

Photo credit: Time for another shot in the arm, a shot of optimism.  We have been battling Covid and Delta and getting our vaccinations, wearing our masks, and doing all we can to avert further spread of this deadly pandemic.  Every so often I write something to lift your spirits, my readers and Anonymous Angels, and... Continue Reading →

What? No Latin? Shame on Us!!

Photo Credit: A thought-provoking article on the importance of the arcane but useful study of Latin was recently published by Commonweal, a Catholic magazine that informs both mind and soul. The author, Cathleen Kaveny, a theology and law professor for the University of Notre Dame, laments quite cogently the recent action of the Classics Department... Continue Reading →

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