Again: The Prayer of Simply Be My friend is turning 80 and getting a bit tired trying to do everything her prayer life has asked of her over the years. She always had a mountain of spiritual reading books near her ‘prayer chair.’ She could discuss the gurus like Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr, Ronald Rolheiser, and any Jesuit currently flexing... Continue Reading →

“The Art and Spirituality of Listening” In a recent interview about her appointment from Pope Francis as one of three women to the Dicastery for Bishops, Sister Yvonne Reungoat outlined the qualities we should look for in episcopal candidates.  She stated the top quality unequivocally is, “…a bishop (one) must have the ability to listen, both to those who have the... Continue Reading →

“Flourishing:” The Goal We Need to Achieve I am typically inspired by the people who come for spiritual direction.  The fact that they are seeking growth in the spiritual life and humble enough to request guidance or companionship in the effort is pretty amazing to me.  Their ‘seeking’ will help them to flourish within the soul, to become happier persons and to contribute... Continue Reading →

Saints Galore: Take Your Pick Roman Catholics have a veritable galaxy of canonized saints to pray to for various needs and occasions.  We love our saints!  Look at the marquee of any Catholic church and you will see the church is most likely named for a saint unless it is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God, or the Holy Trinity.  Right... Continue Reading →

A Modern Good Samaritan It is the mid-1980s and a scourge of a health epidemic was raging throughout our country and the world, eventually.  Thousands were dying of AIDS and there was no known cure.   We only knew that the disease stemmed from indiscreet sexual practices, particularly among the gay community. In San Francisco, California, a popular opinion journalist for... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Summer, a Special Pet, and a Loving God

Ah summer!  My favorite season for exploring and embracing the thrill of wild growth near us and secret caverns built by trees bent with the ache of age and rocks haphazardly piled in sundry patterns resembling lintels and frameworks of inviting doorways.  Nearby, a frivolous creek, which feeds the Cuyahoga River leading to Lake Erie, slows down... Continue Reading →

Chaos, and the Power of Prayer I seem unable to avoid thinking on the tragedy of Uvalde.  If I close my eyes, I can picture the children and teachers as they are terrorized.  I hear the screaming both inside the building and outside, children and parents sending primal screams into the universe begging, like the Greeks in classical literature, for mercy from... Continue Reading →

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