Finding a Treasure in a Pandemic

Photo Credit: Like many of you, I have been cleaning and organizing everything from family photographs to professional files during this isolation period. I think it’s Providence that I came across a folder long forgotten and tucked away to be studied on a future rainy day. The rainy day had come. My godmother, Mary Louise Hiller, whom... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Ann Seton: A Woman for All Seasons

Photo Credit: This week I faced a dilemma. How could I extract meaning from the terrible events of Wednesday, January 6, and write on a gentle, peace loving woman who became America’s first Roman Catholic saint and whose feast day was celebrated on January 4?   Elizabeth Ann Seton is the foundress of an American congregation of Sisters, now... Continue Reading →

Re-booting the Resolution of Kindness

Photo Credit: Have you already dropped the ball on a resolution or two for the year 2021? I have. That box of homemade cookies practically begged me to indulge! (Don’t want them to get stale!) And I conveniently misplaced the therapy paper with the exercises for my wounded foot! Yep, I hear you. Only a few hours old... Continue Reading →

Why We Need Hope For the Coming Year

Photo credit: Here comes 2021!  And it can’t get here fast enough!  We are thinking it will be better as we look back on the wreckage of this year.  I get overwhelmed thinking of and knowing people who have been suffering immeasurable heartache this year.  Thinking of people tearing at the veil between life and the shadow of death... Continue Reading →

Meditation and Prayer in Advent

Photo Credit: Let’s say you are not Catholic, or Christian, or even a believer in any faith tradition. Or, let’s say you are Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or a believer in any faith tradition including a spirituality focused on the mysteries of nature and the cosmos. None of this matters when it comes to meditation and prayer. All of us appreciate... Continue Reading →


The blog you received today was written by Maureen McCarthy, OSU. It was mistakenly posted to the wrong site. Look for Mary Ann’s blog Monday morning, December 14th.

Finding the Peace of Advent

Photo Credit: My current personal medical isolation, the inability to get around on two feet, and a sudden crippling snowstorm, have each contributed to a perfect vortex for the season of Advent! I have no choice but to be still and know that God is here.   An article in The New York Times of last Sunday threw a little heat into... Continue Reading →

‘Good Grief!’ We Almost Lost a Christmas Tradition

Photo Credit: In December 1965, the nation was at war in Vietnam. Young Americans were being conscripted into the military. The hippie movement was taking hold, political assassinations and the fight for civil rights were de rigueur. We were grappling for some sort of sanity in our chastened democracy.   Along came Peanuts, by then a wildly successful cartoon strip already 13... Continue Reading →

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