The Jesus of Accompaniment and Ukraine The televised sights of Ukrainian trains boarding thousands of people, mostly women and children fleeing their homeland to bordering nations, called to mind the experience of my Ukrainian sister-in-law who fled with her parents and brothers during World War II, frightened, cold, and hungry but on their way to the long journey to America.... Continue Reading →

The Presence of the God of Love Today, the day of our publication for this blog, is St. Valentine’s Day, the love-laden, optimistic day that reminds many to acknowledge the love or loves of their lives and to express it with small gifts of - well, you guessed it: flowers, candy, cards, dinner and maybe a concert or a movie all... Continue Reading →

Champ Advises Commander to Welcome Willow 

Photo credit: Dr. Jill Biden/Twitter (Commander, the Biden family dog has just settled into the White House when along comes Willow, the new First Cat. He is appealing for heavenly help from Champ, the Biden dog who passed away a few months ago. This conversation was picked up through White House surveillance technology.) Commander: Yo! Champ!... Continue Reading →

The Spirituality of the Common Good American individualism is rooted in the DNA of ordinary Americans since the Puritans set foot on the promising shores of the eastern coast of our country in the early seventeenth century.  They were fleeing oppression for their religious beliefs.  Soon there emerged the colonists who saw this land as an opportunity to create a community free... Continue Reading →

Creating the Beloved Community Recently we have heard a lot about the ‘beloved community.’ This is a term which the late Rep. John Lewis referred to often in his speeches advocating civil rights for Black and underserved Americans. Lewis was educated for the ministry and took seriously the threads of justice he perceived in the Gospels and other... Continue Reading →

Let’s Choose Hope for 2022 This past week I had the privilege of speaking to a wonderfully interactive group at a residential campus for senior Jewish residents in Northeast Ohio. As I set about thinking of my theme for this presentation, I was confronted with two very challenging realities which dampened the beauty of a sparkling new year for... Continue Reading →

What is the Season of Epiphanies for Me? You know the story of the Epiphany which we celebrated this past week.  Three ‘kings,’ three gifts, mysterious dream and exceptional star. It’s really the romantic, adventuresome part of the birth narrative of Jesus told beautifully in Matthew who begins his Gospel with the story of the Magi, visitors from the East who were Gentiles.... Continue Reading →

Wishing Major a Safe Place (In the past we have had some columns written by Major, the Biden family dog, and conversations with Major’s late brother, Champ.  Today’s blog is advice from Major to Commander, the newest resident of the White House.  According to recent press releases, Major had difficulties being pleasant to visitors and to the Secret Service who, according... Continue Reading →

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