Hope: Why is it so hard to explain? 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com This past week I have heard references to the virtue of hope more often than anytime in recent memory.  And yet most of us find it difficult to understand this member of the triumvirate of keystone virtues: faith, hope and love.  We can handle faith, and we really understand love, but hope?  That’s a sticky... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Remember the Dead? 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com In the Catholic calendar November is the month we remember our deceased loved ones in prayer.  Many pre-Vatican II Catholics will recall that as children we ran in and out of church to say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, one Glory Be for a poor soul in Purgatory on All Souls Day,... Continue Reading →

Faith and the Questioning Soul 

I am so often asked, “Why do you stay?”  Meaning why do I stay a Catholic in a Church fraught with division, corruption, prejudice, power?  The short answer is: The unity of the Eucharist.  The longer answer is: There is a need for the questioning soul in this very human faith called Catholicism.  In no way do I think... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Friendship Never Changes 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com Let’s talk about friendship. In a world that concerns itself predominantly with romantic love and parental love when it comes to feelings and affection, we often leave out the gift of filias, friendship love. We just don’t think a lot about it, correct? Until we find ourselves in that dark tunnel of loneliness... Continue Reading →

Work, Spirituality, and the Pandemic Effects 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com I’m sure you have become aware of the debate gaining popularity about limiting the work week to four days from five.  Jonathan Malesic, a religious studies scholar and author of The End of Burnout, has offered some cogent advice, based on philosophy, psychology, and spirituality for consideration toward a four day work week.  But even discussing... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Life and the Pursuit of Happiness 

One of my favorite syndicated columnists is George Will, The Washington Post’s master of laconic prose gilded in superb expression, no matter how obnoxious, puerile and spiteful the politics he comments on happen to be.  He can make the Grim Reaper sound like a welcome party guest! So when I saw Will’s recent lengthy essay titled, “The Pursuit... Continue Reading →

Does Misery Really Love Company? 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com Did you know there is a National Pain Week?  I heard it took place last week but according to other sources it was September 7 through 11 and opened with panache in Las Vegas with a large convention of medical professionals.  For me, personally, it was last week! I celebrated pain week with abundance... Continue Reading →

The Blessings of the High Holy Days

Photo credit: Pixabay.com This week, our Jewish brothers and sisters will be commemorating and celebrating the meaningful days of faith in Rosh Hashanah, September 6-7 and Yom Kippur, September 15-16.  At sunset on September 6, the shofar, or ram’s horn, will summon the faithful to their synagogues for prayer to begin the religious new year prayer... Continue Reading →

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