Willow’s First Christmas at the White House

Photo credit: Erin Scott, Official White House Photographer (This is a conversation overheard between Commander, the White House German Shepherd and Willow, the White House family cat.)  Once-in-while we capture conversations between White House pets just to put-you-in-the-know about what really goes on in that House and to see a spiritual meaning deep in the layers... Continue Reading →

Saint Cecilia Makes It to the NBA!

Photo Credit: Detroit Pistons St. Cecilia logo - Google.com Wow!  Can you believe it?  Roman Catholic Saint Cecilia has made it to the National Basketball Association in America!!  How could a saint who is the patron of music in the Catholic Church and a martyr from way back in the third century make it to the National Basketball... Continue Reading →

Resolutions for a Spiritual Growth in 2023

Photo credit: Pixabay.com I know.  Everyone says, “my resolutions do not last”—or “I don’t believe in resolutions.”  My, we have excuses galore not to resolve to be better or happier whether at the new year or anytime in our lives.  Yes, you can make resolutions anytime throughout the year but the first day of the year offers us,... Continue Reading →

Where Am I in the Manger Scene?

Photo credit: Mary Ann Flannery, SC Reflecting on kindness and ‘the advent person’ in our last two blogs, I am led to contemplate on where I might be in the whole scene of Christ’s birth.  Am I kind?  Am I an advent person? In Ignatian spirituality, we assume the presence and, if possible, the identity of a... Continue Reading →

On Being an Advent Person

Photo credit: Pixabay.com The late Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner developed a theory that is grounded in a description of what a Christian should strive to be based on the meaning of advent. He held that there were two halves of his theory: the advent person and the utopian person. See which one you are -... Continue Reading →

An Advent Thought on Kindness

Photo credit: Pixabay.com This season of advent usually inspires many people to examine their lives in the context of giving and kindness. Both are under the umbrella of charity, the virtue so connected to Christmas. God’s love is the overwhelming virtue of the season reflected in the gift so freely given to us in Jesus... Continue Reading →

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