Another Conversation Overheard Between Champ and Major

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Champ:  Listen bro, no more flipping out and going after anyone unless I give the signal and we both know danger is present.  Clear and present danger!!!  You’re just too impulsive.  And the guy you attacked was a Secret Service Agent!

Major:  So am I.

Champ:  No, you’re not.  You’re just a James Bond wanna be.  You are not White Fang or Rin-Tin-Tin either.  Our place is to be seen and not heard.  To observe and not judge.  Thank goodness your paw was nowhere near the nuclear button or we’d all be incinerated by now.  We’re the quiet arm of Pop’s security detail.  And that’s it! 

Major:  Don’t forget I was a street kid; I know how slippery bad guys can be.  This guy was quiet, stealthy, and no badge was visible.  He scared me suddenly coming on the scene like that.  My instincts to protect Pop went into action.  You should be proud of me!

Champ:  Proud?  We are then whisked off to Delaware so you could get training.  I had to go with you.  Borrring!!!  And, by the way, Secret Service guys don’t show their badges; they’re supposed to be secret.  So keep an eye on me at all times.  I’ll give a signal when danger is approaching.

Major:  Might be too late.

Champ:  (Exasperated)  Why can’t you be like the Queen’s corgis?  They run around after her all day and are cheerful ambassadors for the Palace. 

Major:  (Harumph)  But those dogs seem like sissies to me.  Always smiling and wagging tails.  Getting away with the treats they sneak.  A little like some politicians.  Besides, I’ve heard the Palace has troubles of its own these days and I bet the corgis are not helping.

(Major puts his head down and rolls his eyes upward.)

Reflection – Major’s Prayer

“Yo, God!  You there?  It’s me again.  I’m really sorry for what I did to the agent, and I’m sorry for the embarrassment I caused Pop and the family and Champ.  The last thing we need is a division caused by me.  There’s way too much division in this country and I don’t need to add to it.  I want to be strong and protective and yet kind, like my brother.  But don’t tell him that.  I want to be patriotic but wise and willing to take stands for justice and, of course, to protect Pop.  I need to avoid jumping to conclusions about other people and not base my judgments of them on the exterior they present.  In other words, I need to sniff their hands gently, and offer a paw when greeting them, even if they are not democrats.  Help me to heal wounds rather than create them.  Help me to be comforting and playful for Pop, especially on that delightful South Lawn.  And please, God, help me tell my side of the story, ok?  Give me the chance.  Please.  Amen.  Amen”

(Puts head to side and closes eyes when phone rings.)

First Lady answers and calls:  Major.  It’s for you.  Oprah Winfrey.

Major:  Wow!  God, you sure work fast!

What part of Major’s prayer might fit your own intentions at this time?

Do you find yourself too judgmental of those who are on the opposite side of your thinking?

What are you trying to do to bring together the divide within your family and friends?  Sometimes, no effort is possible.  Only love.  Let them know you love them without agreeing to what they promote.

In future blogs, we will discuss this thorny question of how to handle the divisions among us.  And, let me tell you, the apostles and disciples were full of this angst even against each other.  Read carefully The Acts of the Apostles.  We’ll discuss.

Enjoy the post-Easter travels of the apostles and your own insights of faith.

I keep all of you, my faithful readers and my anonymous angels, in my prayer each day.  I believe God will give you all a good dousing of grace this season.  Be open to it and find the door of your religion!

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  1. This is so very relavant, personal to me and needed, I’m looking forward to learning more through the eyes of the apostles! Thank you!


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