Let’s Choose Hope for 2022 

Pixabay.com This past week I had the privilege of speaking to a wonderfully interactive group at a residential campus for senior Jewish residents in Northeast Ohio. As I set about thinking of my theme for this presentation, I was confronted with two very challenging realities which dampened the beauty of a sparkling new year for... Continue Reading →

What is the Season of Epiphanies for Me? 

Pixabay.com You know the story of the Epiphany which we celebrated this past week.  Three ‘kings,’ three gifts, mysterious dream and exceptional star. It’s really the romantic, adventuresome part of the birth narrative of Jesus told beautifully in Matthew who begins his Gospel with the story of the Magi, visitors from the East who were Gentiles.... Continue Reading →

Wishing Major a Safe Place 

Pixabay.com (In the past we have had some columns written by Major, the Biden family dog, and conversations with Major’s late brother, Champ.  Today’s blog is advice from Major to Commander, the newest resident of the White House.  According to recent press releases, Major had difficulties being pleasant to visitors and to the Secret Service who, according... Continue Reading →

Peace, “…on all my Holy Mountain.”

Please look at the picture copied here very carefully.  It was taken many years ago by a photographer –whose name I cannot recall—but who caught the scene in our yard and then brought me the picture later.  I have kept it to remind me of the peace and tranquility promised in Isaiah’s famous chapter 11:6-9 in which... Continue Reading →

Being a Special Gift

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com This past week I enjoyed several vimeos sent by one of our sisters in our archives department in Cincinnati.  All were very enjoyable and I confess that I learn a lot of my community history whenever she sends these gems.  Most photos pre-date digitized pictures.  They have been retrieved from photo albums submitted by sisters... Continue Reading →

The Act of Accompaniment: The God of Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com I just heard that at their plenary meeting in Baltimore last week, the National Council of Catholic Bishops in America had discussed what they termed, theologically, as the Art (yes Art) of Accompaniment—a pastoral strategy designed to listen more intently to people and to walk with them pastorally through their quest for... Continue Reading →

Happiness and Gratitude Go Hand-in-Hand 

Photo credit: Pixabay.com This is the season of gratitude marked by the celebration in America of Thanksgiving Day, the last Thursday in November.  According to many scholar/historians, the first Thanksgiving was in 1621 where British Pilgrims had landed sometime before at Cape Cod, the northern tip of the U.S.  President Lincoln established Thanksgiving Day as a national... Continue Reading →

The Stranger at the Door 

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com In God’s economy of creation, we humans share much of the same emotions and creative instincts with the animal world.  For instance, you and I think it is predictable and entirely within the evolutionary DNA of birds and aquatic animals like whales and certain species of fish to migrate, to find places that... Continue Reading →

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