Wishing Major a Safe Place 


(In the past we have had some columns written by Major, the Biden family dog, and conversations with Major’s late brother, Champ.  Today’s blog is advice from Major to Commander, the newest resident of the White House.  According to recent press releases, Major had difficulties being pleasant to visitors and to the Secret Service who, according to Major, were threats to his authority as President Biden’s protector.  Sadly, he had to be re-homed in a safer environment.  Major and Commander meet in this blog.)  

Major: Welcome buddy.  I hope you’ll be more successful as Pop’s canine guardian than I was. You’ll love the fireplace but stay off the furniture.  That’s a no-no!  And for heaven’s sake, never, ever bite anyone!  Let Secret Service do their jobs; that was something I could not do.  But, to be fair, it is scary to see a revolver tucked in some guy’s belt and then see him running alongside the presidential limousine.  And, for heaven’s sake hold it in!  Wait till someone takes you outside to do your ‘duty.’  That little pile of you-know-what that I left by the elevator was reported all over social media and embarrassed me half to death.  

Despite my caveats, you’ll love it here.  Pop is a great master and he got all teary-eyed when Mom said she had secured a nice family who would take me as a pet.  Truth be told, I was stressed constantly.  I was always on edge what with all these comings and goings of national leaders, some friendly and some faking friendliness.  Vladimir Putin once said his favorite breed of dog was some kind of Siberian Husky and he looked at me with a suspicious eye.  I looked back at him the same way and added a low growl.  Pop chided me saying we can’t pick a fight with the Russian leader!!!

So I wish you the best, Commander.  You’re really a young fellow, only four months old, so you’ll grow into the job.  One more word of advice: Pray!  God loves to hear from us.  God says more humans should try praying when things don’t go their way or when a dream fizzles out—like mine did.  Soon, a new dream, a new opportunity comes along and we get another chance.  I’m taking mine now and you’re getting your big chance.  Good luck.  By the way, I hear there may be a new resident pet this month: A Cat!!!!  You and the cat will surely test Pop’s negotiating skills.  Forget about Senator Manchin and the resistance of Congress to Build Back Better; the country ain’t seen anything til we all witness the fur that will fly when the feline arrives!


Commander: Gee thanks for the advice, Major.  I’ll do my best to serve Pop and his family.  I know you looked forward to living with the Bidens in a forever home but they did the right thing making sure you weren’t returned to a shelter.  You needed a ‘safe place’ as the President said.  A place where you could get rid of your fears without having them challenged every day.  I thought of you when this poem was read to me the other day.  It’s my wish that you enjoy a happy future and a safe place to grow.

Every Dog’s Story

I have a bed, my very own.

It’s just my size.

And sometimes I like to sleep alone

with dreams inside my eyes.

But sometimes dreams are dark and wild and creepy

and I awake and am afraid, though I don’t know why.

But I’m no longer sleepy

and too slowly the hours go by.

So I climb on the bed where the light of the moon

is shining on your face

and I know it will be morning soon.

Everybody needs a safe place.

                                        Mary Oliver

Major has found his ‘safe place.’  Have you, my readers?  Have you found a safe place where you can meet God and open your heart?  Have you found the quiet place where you will talk with God and go deeper, deeper into your soul and find the God who waits there?  That’s your safe place.  Why not make a new year’s resolution to find that place? 

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and the blessing of a safe place.

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